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Our classes help make children safer, but we focus on much, much more than just self-defense.

"My Dad says it's about PROTECTION. My Mom says it's about FOCUS and I say it's FUN!"

-Scotty P.

Different Classes & Seminars

Classes By Age


  • Ages 4 - 7
  • Two classes per week
  • 30 minutes per class

What makes this Martial Arts program unlike anything you’ve ever experienced? Well, we’ve taken the best training and techniques from all aspects of martial arts, physical fitness and scholastic programs and have developed them into our pee-wee program!

Since there is a lack of activities that teach beneficial future skills to young children, this program is designed to help each and every child develop in a positive manner by encouraging them to learn skills that will help them in school, around the house, socially, and of course, in situations where they have to stand up for themselves.

Besides traditional training in the martial arts, we work on each child’s individual abilities and utilize our skills to bring out the very best in them. Many controversial sports have children who do very well and others who don’t. Here at AQMAI, we have a slogan: “There are NO bench-warmers in our school!” Children excel in this kind of environment and in the program that we provide; we develop their confidence in the process, so that they will be able to help deal with challenging situation.


  • Ages 8 - 11
  • Two classes per week
  • 45 minutes per class

Most of our Pee-Wees grow up and progress into our Junior Program. In this program, we continue on our quest for Black Belt Excellence. More challenging drills are introduced for strength and balance. This helps to develop skills that can spill over into gym classes and sports as well as general health and fitness.

Adult Ages 16+

  • Two classes per week
  • 60 minutes per class

Stress Reduction: In our everyday hectic lives, we need a way to relieve stress and relax. Full-time jobs, full-time parents… when do you get a chance to unwind and find the inner strength to carry our your duties in life? Many adults have found our program to be the invigorating and exciting change they need to be able to relieve stress and re-focus their lives.

Personal Development: Some students have described this program as a spiritual development course; others have said it has helped them to become better at their job. The majority of the students have found benefits they never expected. Many have taken what they have learned and incorporated it into their careers, family lives, and all around daily activities.

Getting Fit: Martial arts training is no longer just kicking and punching. Imagine achieving all of the mentioned benefits while also staying healthy and fit, and developing balance, coordination, flexibility and fine motor skills! Best of all, this is accomplished in a friendly, fund, safe and cohesive environment.

Women's Self Defense

This is a course for WOMEN ONLY who want to learn how to defend themselves effectively against the bad elements that unfortunately exist around us. If you would like quality self-defense but can't make it 2-3 times a week, we will be offering seminars throughout the year.

Anthony Quatrochi's Martial Arts Institute is the only school in the area which specializes in making women safer in our community. You're invited and encouraged to participate in our next personal safety seminar.

The interactive seminar will cover:

  • Danger Awareness
  • Threat Prevention
  • Safety Tips
  • Fun Interactive Role Plays and Scenarios
  • Basic Escape Strategies

The Seminar will be taught in a safe environment while you learn how to handle potentially dangerous situations. Being prepared is essential and will help give you confidence and peace of mind.

Law Enforcement Seminar

This course is for Law Enforcement Officers and Correctional Officers ONLY who want to learn techniques to effectively control a potentially dangerous situation without fatal force. The moves we will be covering are easy to learn and highly effective. Come see why so many police officers, co’s and military personnel seek out our training.

Anthony Quatrochi’s Martial Arts Institute is the only school in the area which specializes in the most effective techniques to make our community safer. You’re invited and encouraged to participate in our next seminar.

The interactive Seminar will cover:

Awareness, Prevention and Safety Tips Interactive Role Plays and Scenarios Basic Escape Strategies Being prepared is essential; learn how to handle potentially dangerous situations. Space is limited; please call to reserve your spot today.

Other Seminar Options

Bring your “group” train to at our school.

Seminar topics available:

Essential Self-Defense Seminar

(1 hour)

Learn safe and effective methods to identify and elude threats by using proven escape and avoidance techniques. Participants will learn a series of scenario-based drills to increase recall and awareness.

Child Self-Defense Seminar (1 hour)

Children have fun learning how to protect themselves through simple moves and strategies designed to increase stranger and danger awareness. Ages 4 and up

Teen Self-Defense Seminar (1 hour)

With growth comes independence. As parents, we hope our child will have the judgment and the street smarts to avoid potentially deadly situations. We work with your teen to make sure they know how to protect their personal space and the type of situations to avoid. This class is essential for any teenager today. Ages 10 and up

Senior Self-Defense Seminar (1 hour)

Seniors and care-givers learn how to use non-lethal technology to avoid assault. Participants discover how to use their environment to fend off an assailant. Care givers are shown how to spot danger before it is too late.

Design your own seminar (1 hour)

Many groups in the past such as Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Pre-K/ Daycare, Real-estate groups, Libraries, Public schools, and football teams have used our seminars to learn about the many martial arts benefits such as balance, focus, discipline, respect, and improving general health.

Seminars are held on weekends but openings are available for weekdays also. (Times are limited and fill quickly)

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